How can we talk about coffee …without coffee mugs discussion!

It is extremely interesting to note that the first mugs were discovered in China and Japan and later on in Ethiopia during the 11th century. They were made from wood animal skulls way back in the Neolithic Stone Age. Later on, they were made of clay on potter’s wheels and since these mugs were too thick for a human mouth to comfortably drink from, they were fashioned to a more recent version, the ones we get to see nowadays. Quite an eventful journey for an ordinary mug from where they were to where they are today and the newgen version made out of ceramic, with mugs personalized to suit a person’s whims and fancies. Mugs and coffee seem to be synonymous in many aspects, and when the legendary Goat Herder Kaldi fed his goats on coffee beans and found them to be rejuvenated and extremely energetic, he introduced coffee beans to the world. The same energy and adrenaline rush is felt when we sip a cup of coffee either to stay awake, or to just relax into the wee hours of the night. Following the famous tagline ‘a lot can happen over a cup of coffee’ that too from a custom mugs can speak volumes, even if you don’t speak a word, supporting the fact that many lifelong relationships have started over a cup of coffee!

Gone are the days when meetings and discussions happened behind closed doors with a select group of people. Nowadays people grab a customised coffee mug brimming over with piping hot Espresso or Cappuccino and spend long hours either debating or discussing a topic of general interest, or perhaps just gossiping over a recent grape-vine rumour. Nowadays many manufacturers benefit from online shoppers since the online buzzword is the fad enabling people to purchase almost anything, even printed mugs online, which is a cool option for coffee lovers. These mugs have messages engraved on them to be sent to people to recollect old memories or to bury the hatchet over a trifling misunderstanding. So even if people don’t speak, the mugs do and complete the task entrusted to it. Mugs seem to have it all…

With the advances in technology every sector has taken a techy approach to whatever be their area of business, and mug manufacturers have been no exception to the rule. Getting a vendor who deals with coffee mug printing is not a hard proposition at all, they are available a dime a dozen. If you are planning a vacation to Asia and due to visit incredible India, getting gifts in India as a momentum to take back is a sensible choice and will always stay a cherished memory. We often believe that the heart rules the head especially when taking decisions on something important over a cup of coffee, which is now commonplace. Many people cannot do without their cup of morning coffee, especially when it’s relished from an exquisite coffee mug, which has been designed by a leading printed mugs online company who are known for their eye for detail in design and art.  We all know and agree that your home is where your heart is so why not procure mugs personalised to enjoy those cozy moments with kith and kin!